Not sleeping enough can make your fitness goals unattainable

Jan 23, 2019

If you’re the type that thinks the only way to be successful is to wake up before the sun rises even if you haven’t had enough sleep, then you can click to another article now because you’re not going to like what we’re about to say.

Sleep is an absolutely necessary component to building a healthy lifestyle. Without the proper amount of sleep, all sorts of negative side effects can take over your body ranging from day-to-day sluggishness to possible heart disease, diabetes, and other serious conditions.

If you're looking to better your physique, lack of sleep can actually contribute to unwanted weight gain and muscle loss.

The conclusion came out of a recent study conducted at Uppsala University in Sweden. The results of which were published in the online journal, Science Advances.

So, fifteen participants took part in two tests:

  1. They got a normal amount of sleep, which was defined as “over eight hours.”
  2. They were kept awake for the entire night with a variety of activities to do like watching movies, playing board games, among others.
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Soon after, the research team gathered blood from each subject to study. The result? Sleep deprivation is a very efficient way to fail at your fitness goals.

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This strongly backs up a study done in 2008, published by the New York Academy of Sciences, which stated that if you’re tired all the time, your body will begin to think that it’s hungry even when it’s not. Thus, making you crave more food.

But if it is unavoidable that you get less sleep than what you’d want (like us), the recent study suggests making exercise more of a habit as well as paying attention to your diet.

Replacing bad habits with more productive ones may be difficult at first, but gets easier over time and is definitely worth the effort if you are serious about reaching your fitness goals this 2019.

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