This beginner-friendly workout will still crush your core

Mar 27, 2019

MOST people stop pushing themselves from working out because they’re intimidated. You can ask anyone. That’s truer when they want to try out the coolest-looking gym moves they see other people do. If the most ripped, athletic-looking guys are pulling off these awe-inspiring maneuvers, how could a normal dude even have a shot?

Truth is, some of these exercises are actually as tough as they look—especially those you only ever see attempted on Instagram—but others are much more within the realm of possibility than you might expect. Take for example the Turkish Get-up: it’s a multipart maneuver that looks really cool once you start adding more weight, but is at its core a simple process to learn. It's actually reminiscent of how combat sports athletes try to pick themselves up after being knocked down without getting hit again in the process.

It’s a powerful enough move to actually focus on growing and developing your rectus abdominus or your six-pack muscles. But it works out more than just one muscle group; your glutes, lower back, abs, and obliques all work together to maintain stability in your torso.

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To pull off this killer core workout, all you need is a kettlebell or a dumbbell and some space to move around. When it comes to the weights, make sure to start out light and master the form first. You can go as high as you want after nailing that.

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    • Start in a lying position on the ground, flat on your back. You should have one of your knees bent with the one arm carrying the kettlebell up. The bent knee and the raised arm should be from the same side.
    • With your opposite arm, you will prop on your elbow. Hold the position for a second or two before propping up on your hand. You do this while still maintaining the bent knee with your foot flat, and the arm carrying the kettlebell straight up.
    • By digging down the ground with your heel, you then lift your hips up in the air, maintaining a relatively straight line from your shoulder to your ankles. All of this with only the support of your heel, your flat foot, and your free hand. Hold this position for two or more seconds to really attack your core.
    • The next step is probably the hardest to do without toppling over. Sweep the floor with your outstretched leg and bring it under you so that you’re now kneeling like you’re about to propose. Pick up your free hand form the floor.
    • Next, stand up with your hand raised in victory with a kettlebell. Now, to complete one rep, you have to reverse everything you did until you’re lying flat on your back again.
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    Keep the rep load light with three sets of 5 to 8 reps for beginners. The Turkish Get-up perfectly challenges your core to be stable in dynamic situations under a load while making sure that you get that aesthetically noticeable six-pack you’ve been wanting for so long.

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