We made a workout routine for you to shed off the holiday pounds

Dec 27, 2018

Christmas has come and gone, but the ham and wine we consumed are pretty much still with us. Well, the holidays can do that to us, but no regrets, right?

If you’re you're searching for a way to get rid of those holiday pounds, look no further. We’ve collected a series of routine exercises you can do anywhere. Pro tip: do each exercise for 30 seconds and repeat the entire routine six times for a 30-in-30 workout.

Jawline exercises

Get rid of that unwanted double chin by opening and closing your mouth while stretching your neck. You’ll lose those extras slowly but surely.

180 Burpees

Activate your muscles by doing 180 burpees. Get your adrenaline pumping and your heart rate fired up all while testing your agility, too.

Close-Grip Push-Up

You know the drill: drop down on your hands and make sure they’re the same distance as your shoulders. Push off the ground but this time, for a more challenging (and fun) twist, make sure that your elbows are as close to your ribs as possible.

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V Ups

V ups are actually quite enjoyable. Lay flat on your back and extend your arms overhead. In one motion, lift both your arms and legs and try to touch the ceiling, forming a “V” shape with your entire body. Hold for half a second and slowly bring your limbs down back to starting position. Repeat.

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Jumping Squats

Finish off with jumping squats. position your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. Slowly bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor making sure that your knees do not go over your toes. As you rise up, slightly jump up. Land on the balls of your feet straight into another squat.

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