These high-tech gadgets will help you achieve your fitness goals

Dec 16, 2018

We have to admit, working out and staying fit has evolved from simple weightlifting and running to using all kinds of technology just to help us train more efficiently and effectively. While many of these products deliver on their promise, there are a lot more that are a complete waste of your time and money. To help you out, we’ve scoured the internet for all those high-tech gadgets and accessories that will really up your game and help you get that body you’ve always dreamed of.

Fitness Genes

Fitness Genes is something out of a Black Mirror episode, except that it won’t really kill you if you use it correctly. The FG helps you form a customized routine and a diet plan based on the info they get from your saliva! It’s all in the name of science, so don’t worry.

Jabra Sport Coach


When Jabra says “truly” wireless, they really mean it. Not only does the Jabra Sport Coach provide great quality audio, but also your very own Jarvis--or Alexa/Siri in the real world. Feel like Iron Man when you go to the gym with your personal coach speaking in your head, helping you count reps and tracking your health stats.

Skulpt Performance System

We’ve all heard of devices keeping track of your body fat, but how many of them focus on your muscles? Skulpt Performance System uses the data on both your fat and muscles to generate customized advice based on your unique physiology.

Ozmo Active Smart Cup

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Staying hydrated just got much cooler and way more high-tech. The Ozmo (and its accompanying app) determines exactly how much water you need to drink per day and helps you track your daily water consumption to make sure you hit your target.

Pear Training Kit and Personal Fitness Coach

Think of the Pear as a running coach in your pocket that you can take anywhere. It helps you set running goals, lists your stats, motivates you, and guides your pace when you run.



Trace is the tracker and fitness app for the extreme sports junky. You can attach it to your skateboard, snowboard, surfboard, or even your blackboard for as long as you’re riding it. It's shockproof, waterproof, and extremely durable. Trace helps you measure a backflip, detail every turn on a run, and everything else in between.


A "Beast" in the gym is what you’ll definitely be with the help of this wrist sensor. Wear this bad boy while you’re lifting weights (or carrying your crush's bag) and it will track your strength levels, explosiveness, average power, weight volume, density, energy burn, reps and sets, tonnage, and all the good stuff.

Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player

We know thatMP3 players aren’t that big of a thing anymore because of Spotify and other music streaming apps, but this one’s specifically engineered for swimmers. Not only does the Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player let you listen to music underwater, it actually transmits audio through your cheekbones to your inner ear. Seriously, how do people come up with stuff like this?

Under Armour SpeedForm

These award-winning, digitally connected kicks will improve your running game exponentially. The sensor inside the SpeedForm will give you all the data you need to optimize your training schedule and technique, and the external aesthetic will make sure you get noticed doing it.


Athos Smart Clothing

If you're not the type who enjoys strapping on external sensors just to track your athletic performance (who does, actually?), give Athos Smart Clothing a look-see. This visionary company has installed sensors on their shirts, shorts, leggings, anything you can think of basically, that track all your relevant stats and transmits them to an app on your smartphone. For now, however, Athos only supports iOS only, so we’re very sorry Android users.

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