Here's how you can work out your whole body with just a barbell

Feb 25, 2019

We’ve already taught you how to do full body workouts with the use of little to no equipment. But if you’re serious about making your body work two or three times as much, there’s one thing you can’t skip out on: the barbell.

If you didn’t know, barbells are great for multi-joint exercises. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not just for your arms and torso. Plus, it looks good just stacking plate after plate onto a bar and smashing reps.

While these bars can be difficult to work within small places, you can build full workouts using just a bar and some plates. And we’re here to help with that.


Good Mornings

Grab a bar without the plates, and place them at the base on the back of your neck. Start bending forward, pushing your hips back while keeping everything immobile. Remember that balance is the key—on the back of your neck, your arms, your hips, and your stance. When you feel like you’re too comfortable, add some plates to the bar.

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Tempo Squats

Get under the bar, and lift it off with the bar behind your head like you would normally do for barbell squats. It’s practically the same thing, but instead of just squatting and counting the reps, you establish a time that it takes for you to lower your body for a squat and the amount of time it takes for you to go back to the starting position. Maybe start with the three-zero-three. The first three being the seconds that it takes for you to go down. The zero being the amount of time you’re at that lowest position. And the last three is the seconds it takes for you to get back up. Get heavier weights or add more time into going down and up depending on your comfort.

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Skull Crushers

Lie on a bench press with the barbell with your head slightly hanging off the bench. Hold the barbell straight up in front of your shoulders, making sure your wrists stay straight during the exercise. Reach back with the barbell, bending the elbows as you lower it behind your head. Now you push it back up away from your body and not directly above your head. When you’re done, drop the barbell down.

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Barbell Bicep Curls

Grab a barbell and position it the lowest your arm can stretch. Bring the barbell up as you squeeze and flex your bicep, and slowly bring it back down until your triceps flex back into starting position.

Barbell Floor Press

Lie down on the floor underneath a barbell that’s raised by either boxes or whatever you can put it on if you don’t have risers. Just like what you do when you’re on the bench, you grip the barbell with your arms perpendicular to the floor. You press the barbell up, and slowly set it back down. Pause to gather that energy again and do the same thing.


Barbell Push Press

Start by unracking the barbell from the rack while holding it with a double overhand grip that’s roughly shoulder-width apart. Position it under your chin. Get into a little squat position and push the barbell up over your head, and bring it back to the starting position. Repeat.

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Barbell Jerk

You’ve probably seen this everywhere in weightlifting competitions. Grab the bar on the rack with a double overhand grip that’s roughly shoulder-width apart. Step under it and unrack the bar. Balance yourself by bending your knees slightly. You’re going to explode with the barbell as you push it toward the sky. For best results, hop a foot forward to bring yourself directly under the barbell.

Barbell Man Maker

Set the barbell down on the floor. Position your hand on the barbell at shoulder-width, and lower yourself into a push up until your chest touches the bar. Jump up to your balanced stance, pull and bring the bar up and press it up over your head. Bring it back to the floor and repeat.

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