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    Tue, Jun 6

    No more Boom, no more Abed: Pinoy pros end their run at The International

    by gab pe
    Oct 21, 2022
    PHOTO: Art by Frid Islanan

    IT SEEMED the offering to the Dota gods was not enough as Boom Esports was eliminated by Chinese squad PSG.LGD, 2-0.

    Boom started their final series by drafting a powerful wombo combo of Phoenix offlane and Mars mid, with a Lifestealer carry, and Tusk and Crystal Maiden for supports. PSG.LGD had a more balanced-out draft in the Kunkka mid, Carry Monkey King, offlane Slardar, with Snapfire and Chen as supports.

    The final SEA squad found themselves under an LGD masterclass in Game 1 as the Chinese quickly saw a 7-0 kill score and a massive 7k net worth lead by the 12th-minute marker. It was the Snapfire that proved to be the problem for Boom as Zhao "XinQ" Zixingwas always present to save his mid laner or counter-engage with the Mortimer Kisses.


      Boom would try to find some team pick-offs to pull themselves back but LGD was already snowballing their lead. A 26th-minute attempt on Kunkka in the gank showed how far the gap already was, as Boom lacked damage to quickly take him out before LGD turned the fight around and eventually get Roshan without losing a member.

      With Aegis in tow, PSG.LGD mounted a high-ground siege, where they once again turned a Boom engage around to force the GGs in under 30 minutes.

      On the brink of elimination, Boom would take Kunkka for themselves in Game 2 while getting the offlane Death Prophet for some pushing power and physical damage. They would also pick up a carry Bloodseeker and give Timothy "Tims" Randrup his roaming Hoodwink and Skem his support Enchantress. Meanwhile, LGD would bank on a heavy pushing comp of Visage offlane and Drow Ranger carry. They would pair this with an Ember Spirit mid and tanky supports of Earthshaker and Undying.


      This time, it was Boom who fought early success as they go up 9-2 in kills and 6k in net worth lead by the 17th-minute marker. But a 20-minute team fight gave LGD the opportunity to come back as they took down two Boom heroes and claimed Roshan.

      A 31st minute clash in mid lane was the turning point for PSG.LGD as they laid low the Kunkka and Death Prophet and got the second Roshan. From there, LGD found their timing as the Carry Drow did her work and melted Boom’s heroes and towers.

      As PSG.LGD sieged high ground, the Earthshaker foisted a massive fissure stun onto three Boom heroes, allowing LGD to quickly take them out. It was then that LGD smelled blood, focusing down the tier fours and the Ancient to end the game in just under 35 minutes.

      With the loss, Boom would finish the tournament in 9th to 12th place. They would also earn 2 percent of the prize pool, which currently stands at $342,654 or more than P20 million.

      Abed also out in The International

      The loss also meant that no Filipino player remained in The International as Abed from EG was earlier eliminated.

      EG found themselves dumbfounded by South America's Beastcoast as the latter simply outplayed EG, leading to a sweep and the elimination of North America from the tournament.

      EG joins Boom Esports in finishing in 9th to 12th place.

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      PHOTO: Art by Frid Islanan
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