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    Wed, Sep 22

    Take actress Aubrey Miles' lead for a toned physique

    Nov 24, 2014

    IT’S UNLIKE ANY OTHER summer day at Fight Factory Manila. The clientele: students trading in school break for jab-hooks, women upping their self-defense techniques, and future fighters taking direction from their trainers. They’re all feeling the burn, unaware that their gym time is about to get even hotter.

    Aubrey Miles walks in. The actress, mother, health buff, FHM cover girl, and resident temptress of every man’s most secret fantasies turns busy heads. It’s easy to see how Miles, in her body-hugging gym wear, has made a name for herself in the business of all things sexy. Her defined abs give no indication that she has popped out two kids. Her toned arms are obviously the product of grueling hours spent at the gym. Her attitude is so effortlessly cool that it cuts through the humidity.

    Game face on for the task at hand (which is to make working out look challenging and enticing at the same time), Miles is raring to work up a sweat, to showcase her indubitable physicality and how she has attained it. As we direct the woman of the hour for what poses would photograph nicely, Miles suggests an exercise she says she does regularly with husband Troy Montero. She explains the movement, but we don’t quite get it yet. So, she stands next to a heavy bag and, in one swift move, lunges to the trunk wrapping her legs tightly around it. As she performs and holds a number of hanging crunches for a couple of snaps, it’s clear that everyone in attendance is impressed by Miles’s undeniable strength and flexibility. “When I do this, it’s usually the first exercise of my routine, para hindi pagod. I’ll have my legs around Troy and I’d do about 15 reps.” Yes, the woman’s a bit hardcore when it comes to fitness. But, that’s only because she’s established a fitness grind even earlier than most of us have.

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    “My obsession with working out started when I was 13 years old,” she recalls. “When my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told her I wanted a gym membership. That [fixation] stayed with me until now, even after giving birth.”

    Her work in front of the camera requires her to stay in top form, but Miles credits her fitness maintenance to the fact that she has adopted it as a positive force in her life rather than perceiving it as a chore. “It’s a lifestyle. When I’m traveling and I’m not able to work out, [it really brings me down],” she shares. “Exercise gives me that refreshed feeling. After working out, it always feels like a brand-new day.

    ”Her health obsession also comes as a result of keeping her goals in check and never failing to recognize the pertinent body issues she must address. In her opinion, every person must know his or her fitness personal goals. “Some people just want to lose weight, while others want to [strengthen] their muscles,” Miles points out. “There are also some who just have fun going to the gym with friends.”

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    She herself leans toward forging strength—something she needs a lot of in order to juggle her roles as mother, celebrity, and business owner. “Now, I’m into weightlifting because [I want to gain muscle without losing weight]. I’m focusing on toning up,” Miles stresses. When people tell me na ang payat-payat ko, hindi ako natutuwa. I’d rather be called toned.

    ”It’s this clear-cut awareness of her physical needs that makes Miles a great example of continuous improvement. For effective results, she suggests that you keep searching for the workout that best suits you. “I’ve tried swimming, climbing, tennis. You name it, I’ve done it,” she states. “When someone suggests a new workout, just give it a try. Don’t shun it. You’ll be surprised how some advice can actually advance your fitness game. Fad workouts can be effective.

    ”And once you’ve found the workout that works for you, make sure to combine it with a proper diet. “I wasn’t as toned back then because I was all gym and no diet, so pumapayat lang ako. Now, I’ve realized [that] when you diligently make the two work hand in hand, you get better results,” Miles explains. By balancing her food intake with the proper supplements and detox regimens, she now has a body that is stronger than it was back when she was essaying steamy roles. “I’ll still eat food like kare-kare, but with brown rice. When I decide to have eggs, I’ll have them boiled. I’ll eat spinach and sweet potato in place of the usual heavy carbs. Sometimes I take protein shakes and do juicing for cleansing purposes as well. It’s important to get all the nutrition you need.

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    ”But having given all these tips, Miles admits that just like everyone else, she runs into some mental hurdles, too. “For example, when I’m doing an exercise that requires 30 reps, toward the end of it there’s a sense of fatigue, but I get stronger because of a kick of adrenaline,” she says. What’s most important, she continues, is that you clock in the time, put in maximum effort, be unfazed by roadblocks, and make the burn count for what it is: pain and discomfort as a result of effectiveness.

    “As with anything in life, having heart is important in achieving your physical goals,” Miles believes. “When I feel like I’m about to give up, I fight myself. I compete with myself internally until I power through.”

    No Retreat, No Surrender

    Adhere to the rules in Aubrey Miles’s man-up manual, and tapping out will never be an option


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    “Don’t stop searching for the workout you enjoy. It has to be something you enjoy or nothing will come of it. You have to love it first. When it’s not for you and you force it, it will never happen because consistency is key.”


    “Don’t be afraid to work out alone. How many times have you seen people start working out as a group, and then they slowly separate until the group no longer exists? When you learn to work out on your own, things will come together smoothly.”


    “Always make sure to keep your discipline in check. Consistency is nothing if you don’t combine it with good habits. There might be times that you let go, but always come back determined.”

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