Spiker Amanda Villanueva drives home a point in FHM cover: strong women are sexy
Former Lady Falcons spiker Amanda Villanueva joins surfer Mara Lopez as the August cover girls of FHM Philippines. Photo by Kevin Cayuca / FHM Philippines

FORMER Adamson spiker Amanda Villanueva said she decided to pose for the August cover of FHM Philippines to promote women empowerment through sports.

Currently a member of the Perlas BanKo squad in the Premier Volleyball League, the mestiza spiker said she graced the cover of the men' magazine along with surfer Mara Lopez to drive home the point that strong women are sexy.

"I would want them to promote women empowerment. Being sexy is not just having long legs, long torso, and skinny. It's about being a strong woman," said Villanueva in an interview with SPIN.ph on Tuesday night during the Freego Hypernight at the Brick & Mortar, The Fort Strip.

The 5-foot-7 outside hitter said she is happy so far with the reception the FHM cover has been getting.

"Now pa lang siya nag-sisink in kasi ngayon pa lang siya ire-release. From the day we had the shoot, hindi pa nagsi-sink in. I'm very overwhelmed and I feel so blessed and grateful because not everyone is given the chance," said Villanueva.

Women empowerment is right down her alley.

Aside from playing volleyball, Villanueva is currently the Akari assistant sports marketing head for volleyball, a camp director for Headstart Sports Academy, and a financial advisor for AXA.

"In volleyball also, I can connect to it. Before, we only had basketball. But now we have volleyball growing. I'm very happy, gusto ko ipakita sa lahat na hindi lang sa volleyball, in all facets of life, women can be strong," said Villanueva.

Villanueva also said women can be sexy in their own right even with perceived flaws.

"I'm promoting that flaws are beautiful. Whatever, kung ano man nasa katawan mo, you should embrace it and that's what I aim to promote, na women should accept what they have in order to shine," said Villanueva.


Villanueva also encouraged women to be themselves.

"They are making a lot of studies that women, they come to this point na they are depressed because social media is making them crazy. It's not about it. It's about who you are and what you want. The world is not what it is. It is who we are. That's how I see it," said Villanueva.

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