Lindsay Stalzer dismisses allegations of arrogance, says Foton ‘confident but not cocky’
Skipper Lindsay Stalzer is backed up at Foton by a strong local crew led by the Santiago sisters Dindin and Jaja. Jerome Ascano

AMERICAN import Lidsay Stalzer is confident Foton has the stronger squad and is convinced the Tornadoes have the formula to repeat over the Petron Triactiv Spikers when they clash in the Super Liga Grand Prix finals.

“It's different because we have a stronger team than the Petron team last year and this year so I'm pretty confident we know how to beat them. We beat them twice already so we're gonna use it to our advantage,” said the 32-year old hitter.

Stalzer led Foton to its first title at the expense of Petron last season and look to assert their might in the finals. The opener of the best-of-three series is set on Thursday at The Arena in San Juan.

Foton dropped only one match in 10 outings in the eliminations, and a ‘we will beat you’ post on Stalzer’s Instagram account (@lindsaystalzer), which has been deleted, has been interpreted by rivals as arrogance.

But the American import downplayed the matter.

“We'd like to maintain just a little bit of groundedness, confident but not cocky,” she said.

The Tornadoes core was part of the team that competed in the 2016 AVC Asian Women’s Club Championship in September, and off the court they spend a lot of time together, which Stalzer believes contributes to the strength of the squad.

“At this point, these girls are kind of like sisters to me, in our last road trip we were just having so much fun and coach Moro joked 'somebody give me a normal team' so that’s the way to put it, we’re abnormal in a good way,” said Stalzer. 

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