Petron import Erica Adachi says she'll return to Super Liga in a heartbeat
The Blaze Spikers fall short in their bid for a treble, but fan favorite Erica Adachi says it's still fun to play in the Philippines. Jerome Ascano

DESPITE a disappointing end to their stint, Petron’s Brazilian setter Erica Adachi said playing in the Philippines is always a fun experience and she would gladly return if invited again by the Super Liga.

“If they invite me, I’m not the one to say that, ‘Yeah, I’ll come back,’ PSL need to invite me to come here again. I’ll go for sure, I love the Philippines, I love to be here, I love to play here,” she said.

Adachi is staying on to visit several places in the Philippines including Cebu and Palawan after the long exhausting tournament that ended with the Blaze Spikers bowing to the Foton Tornadoes in three matches.

The Brazilian has become one of the fan favorites, getting cheers even after the Blaze Spikers bowed out of the event, but she stressed her second stint could have had a better ending.

Adachi tried her best to fire up her teammates while on the floor and during timeouts, but she said things simply didn’t work out.

“There are some days that nothing’s working, you’re trying to push your teammates but there’s nothing you can do,” she sighed.

“It’s part of the game they played better than us. It was a bad day for us, we didn’t play our game, they are like really solid. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win,” said Adachi.

The Brazilian setter also gave credit to the Foton Tornadoes.

“Nothing was working. We were trying, it was hard to play because it was one of those days that we couldn’t do anything because nothing was really working and they were playing amazing.”

“We didn’t play good and they were like, how do I say this, they know how to stop us and we didn’t come back and they had a great game, that’s all,” she continued.


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