What's in the Bag: Gifts from teammates add value to Michelle Cobb's valuables
Michelle Cobb is as valuable on the volleyball court as she is off the playing floor for her La Salle teammates. Jham Mariano

LA Salle setter Michelle Cobb proved to be an important member of the Lady Spikers team in their ongoing UAAP Season 80 campaign.

But one can tell by what she brings every game day that the second-year playmaker is as valuable to the team on the volleyball court as she is off the playing floor.

Like any other player, Cobb brings an extra pair of uniforms, down to spare team shirts and jacket. But as expected from the setter, the 18-year-old student-athlete takes the opportunity to give credit to her teammates for some of her favorite things in her gym bag.

“First of all, this one’s really special because Ate Duke, my teammate, gave it to me. I’ve been using this since for two years na since I got in the team,” said Cobb, showing off her bag tag.

“I have my shoes, my playing shoes, with my favorite bag organizer. Thank you Ate Kianna,” she added.

Meanwhile, aside from being the one choreographing the Lady Spikers’ movement on the court, Cobb is also responsible for the team’s entry every game.

Without her, no one from the team can pass through the strict security of game venues.

“This season I was assigned to keep all the ID’s so I have it in my bag. So if nawala ko ‘yan eh ‘di… ‘di ba ano na lang…” she said with a chuckle. 

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