Kat Tolentino's thesis project - bag deodorizer - a must-have for all student athletes
Kat Tolentino took pride in her thesis for Ateneo, a deodorizer for bags that's perfect for athletes. Jham Mariano

NOT a lot of student-athletes will consider a thesis study as a must-bring for every game day. But count Ateneo outside hitter Kat Tolentino among the exceptions.

Among the game-day essentials she brings is her thesis, the Renew deodorizer, that keeps her gym bag smelling fresh even after taking home sweaty clothes from a match or a training session.

 “It’s a deodorizer for your bags so that if you wanna take away smell, it takes away the smell of your shoes or your bags or anything else,” she shared.

Tolentino also has her earphones ready for her pre-game music and a small bag of candies for energy.

“Earphones are the most important thing for me because I listen to pump-up music before the game,” she said.

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