Here's a detailed explanation on how Baron beat Morente, Santiago for UAAP MVP award
A formula used by the world governing body of volleyball (FIVB) was used to determine the winner of the MVP race among Jaja Santiago, Majoy Baron, and Michelle Morente.

OFFICIAL documents obtained by shed light on La Salle spiker Majoy Baron's victory in the controversial race for the MVP award of the UAAP Season 79 women's volleyball tournament.

The data, which wasn't released to the public by the league, showed Baron topped the statistical race at the end of the two-round eliminations with 85.217 statistical points. Ateneo's Michelle Morente finished second with 81.176 SPs while Jaja Santiago of National University came in third with 78.909 SPs.

Like in basketball, statistics serve as the sole basis for the league's individual awards.

Baron's MVP win has come under scrutiny since it was announced on Monday, more so since Santiago, the odd-son favorite to win the award, was named by the league as its Best Scorer, Best Spiker and Best Blocker. 

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However, a closer look at the tabulation showed it was Morente - and not Santiago - who emerged as Baron's biggest rival for the individual honor based on the formula used.

The SPs were arrived at based on a formula used by the FIVB, the world governing body of volleyball, in which ranking points were given for each statistical category - scoring, attack, block, serve, dig, set, and receive.

For example, 100 points were given to the first placer in a certain category, 90 for the second, 81 for third, and so on until it reached 20 for rankings 36th and below. The total was later multiplied by 10.

Here's how it went for the three:

Baron: 46 + 81 + 90 + 66 + 20 + 36 + 20 = 359 x 10 = 3,590
Morente: 60 + 90 + 40 + 73 + 44 + 20 + 51 = 378 x 10 = 3,780
Santiago: 100 + 100 + 100 + 51 + 21 + 21 + 20 = 413 x 10 = 4,130

Won games were also considered and the victories in the regular season were multiplied by 30, the result of which is added to the total that was earlier computed.

Here are the three's points total from their respective teams' victories:

Baron: 3,590 + (11 x 30) = 3,920
Morente: 3,780 + (12 x 30) = 4,140
Santiago: 4,130 + (7 x 30) = 4,340


Finally, the grand total is divided by the number of sets played to arrive at each player's statistical points (SPs).

So here's the final tally:

Baron: 3,920 ÷ 46 = 85.217
Morente: 4,140 ÷ 51 = 81.176
Santiago: 4,340 ÷ 55 = 78.909

Based on the computations, Morente and Santiago had the edge in the statistics from offense to defense, but their chances to win the MVP award were dilluted when the number of sets played came into play.

Baron posted her statistics after playing in a lesser number of sets and therefore got the nod.

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