Gretchen Ho responds to critics who questioned her presence at Pope Francis' MOA 'event for poor'
Gretchen Ho posts a picture from the MOA event on her Instagram account.

VOLLEYBALL star Gretchen Ho was in an ecstatic mood on Friday as she got the chance to see Pope Francis during his meeting with families at the Mall of Asia Arena.

But the former Ateneo Lady Eagle just had to respond to a pair of followers on Twitter who questioned her presence in what they said was supposed to be the Pope's meeting 'with the poor.'

"Ayoko sana sumagot. Pero medyo unfair," the outspoken 24-year-old spiker began as she shared the exchange with the two tweeps to the rest of her 392,000-plus followers on Twitter.

Ho, who is deeply religious, explained that she was given the ticket to the MOA event by the Holy Family Rosary Crusade which she has served over the years.

"I am very active with my Church and it is the Holy Family Rosary Crusade which gave me the chance to be here," the high-profile athlete tweeted.

"I think I have the right to see the Pope as much as the others. My faith is important to me as yours is to you. The Pope is promoting 'preferential option for the poor' but that doesn't mean the others are excluded."

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