Defiant Philippine Volleyball Federation vows to run programs despite lack of POC recognition
The Philippine Volleyball Federation, led by chairman Boy Cantada, has vowed to host the Asian Under-23 tournament, saying it still enjoys the recognition of the Asian Volleyball Confederation. Reuben Terrado

DESPITE being stripped of recognition by the Philippine Olympic Committee (PVF), the Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) stands defiant and vowed to continue to run the affairs of the sport in the country.

PVF president Karl Chan said they'll go ahead with their plans for the year including the formation of the national men's and women's teams and the hosting of the Asian Under-23 Championship in May even without the blessing of the POC.

The PVF on Sunday elected its nine-man board despite the absence of a POC observer. The new PVF board will elect among themselves the new sets of officers including president and chairman.

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Chan insisted they remain as the organizer of the Asian Under-23 meet based on communications with the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC), which he claims still recognizes them as the governing body for the sport in the country.

With the AVC blessing, Chan said the volleyball association can also form a team that will compete in the May joust.

“All the information is being sent to us by the AVC. They are asking until February 6 for the preparatory report for the hosting of the Under-23,” Chan said.

“As of today, the PVF will be the organizing host for the Under-23,” Chan added.

That runs contrary to the claims of the POC which moved to take over the volleyball affairs in the country including the hosting of the Asian under-23 meet and the formation of teams that will see action in that event and the Southeast Asian Games in June.

The POC recently stripped the PVF of membership after confirming there are two different Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) certificates of incorporation for PVF, one in 2005 and the other in 2014.

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PVF chairman Boy Cantada blasted the POC for stripping them of membership, saying the the move practically made the volleyball association an “obsolete” organization in the eyes of the Olympic body.


“Mabigat ‘yung nangyayari sa amin eh,” said Cantada, who was elected PVF chairman after allegedly being part of a move to oust the leadership of Chan last year. 

“Ikaw na may mandato sa existence mo at ganun ang nangyari, medyo mabigat ’yun.”

While they are convinced the PVF-formed teams will compete in the Asian Under-23 event, Cantada said that might not be the case in the SEA Games.

“Kanila ’yan e. Under the POC ang SEA Games, Asian Games, Olympic Games. Ayaw nila sa amin, wala tayong magagawa,” said Cantada.

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