Netherlands spiker Anne Bujis excited to play in Manila for FIVB World Club Championship
Netherlands spiker Anne Bujis looks forward to a warm welcome from Filipino fans when she plays for the FIVB World Club Women's Championship in Manila. Meilin Lozada

BANGKOK -- Netherlands wing spiker Anne Bujis has little knowledge about how popular volleyball is in the Philippines but she can’t wait to find out when she arrives in Manila for the FIVB World Club Women’s Championship in October.

The 25-year old European, who will play for Rexona Ades, shared to that she has no idea about what to expect when she comes to the Philippines, aside from the fact that Manila also hosted the 1999 FIVB World Grand Prix.

“Actually I don’t know so much about the volleyball in the Philippines (but) I know that a couple of years ago there was one time also one of the group stage of the world cup [held] there,” said Bujis after their match against China on Thursday at Huamark Indoor Stadium.

But she’s certain that Filipino fans will give her a warm welcome and show the unique Philippine hospitality known around the globe.

“But when you play in Asia, the fans are really excited so for sure there will be a lot of noise,” she said.

“And for my team, I don’t know, I’m just arriving there and I think the first match will be Rexona. So for how the tournament will be going, I don’t know yet but I’m excited to go to Manila,” she added.


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