Moro Branislav yet to get new proposal from Foton, hints he may sign with another PSL team
Coach Moro Branislav is leaving the country in a few days but is expected to return to coach in the Philippines. Jerome Ascano

SUPER Liga champion coach Moro Branislav has yet to get a new deal from Foton, but says he likes coaching in the Philippines and would come back even if it is for another team.

“I like to work in the Philippines but I don’t know who will give me proposal maybe Foton will give me proposal to come back or maybe another team,” he added.

Foton management said it is retaining the services of the Serbian coach, although apparently no deal has been finalized.

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Branislav is set to leave in three days and says he is waiting for the decision of Foton management.

Foton claimed back-to-back Grand Prix titles, with the Serbian coach leading the Tornadoes to a sweep of Petron this year.

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Branislav said the moment he joined the team, he knew the team would wind up on top.  The Serbian coach bagged his 21st career title.

“Normally every time the president (of the club) calls me he likes (his team) to finish first and I promise them ‘ok, first’” he said.

“This is my psychology, starting from the first day that I join the team I already believe that we will be first,” he added.

Branislav earlier handled the F2 Logistics Manila team that competed in the 2016 FIVB Women’s Club World Championship.

Branislav also said he may use the extra time to visit other parts of the country.

“Maybe I don’t know (the celebration) maybe today there’s a party. I have been sick for 10 days but maybe I will go to Boracay for three days, I don’t know,” he said.


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