Import Janisa Johnson comfortable playing 'mother figure' for BaliPure spikers
Balipure import Janisa Johnson is just old enough to be an older sister, but is already acting like a mother figure for the local Water Defenders. Marlo Cueto 

BALIPURE import Janisa Johnson wanted to teach her younger teammates by example after an impressive debut in the Premier Volleyball League Reinforced Conference on Wednesday at The Arena in San Juan.

Just a week after arriving from back-to-back stints in France, the American outside hitter made a game-high 31 points in the Water Defenders’ five-set victory over Petro Gazz, 22-25, 25-23, 28-26, 22-25, 15-12.

Johnson said he wanted to take on the role of being the team’s ‘mom’ on the court seriously.

“It’s different (here in the Philippines) but you know it’s kind of refreshing because I can help them and they can help me,” she said.

“And they’re so cute, they’re so adorable I feel like a mom to them on the court, but it’s good to see them listen,” she added.

BaliPure coach Babes Castillo said Johnson is only an ‘ate’ or an older sister to the team's locals.

When asked why she felt like a mom to her teammates – mostly senior high school players, her answer was simple.

“Yeah because when I was their age I don’t have someone pushing me, I don’t have that kind experience myself, I have to learn from myself. But if I can help them in any way I can, then I would do it,” she said.

BaliPure currently holds an even 1-1 record.

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