Charming Brazilian Gabriella Braga Guimaraes says she's no Leila Barros 2.0
Brazilian Gabriella Braga Guimaraes is looking forward of coming over to the Philippines when she plays for Rexona Ades in the 2016 World Club Women’s Championship this October. Meilin Lozada

BANGKOK -- Is the Philippines and the world about to see the 2.0 version of popular volleyball player Leila Barros?

Comely Brazilian wing spiker Gabriella Braga Guimaraes could only blushed when told she has the potential to become the next Barros and the face of volleyball in the world once she arrives in Manila to see action in the 2016 World Club Women’s Championship this October.

Although the 22-year old cheerful spiker, who will play for Rexona Ades, was proud to be compared and be mentioned in the same breath as her charming compatriot, Guimares was also quick to dismiss that she’s bound to become the next volleyball darling like Barros.

Now retired, the legendary 44-year-old Barros created a big fuss when she came over to the Philippines and played for Brazil during the 1999 and 2000 FIVB World Women’s Grand Prix.

Until now, Barrios is still adored and loved by Filipino basketball fans for her fine looks and world-class talent more than a decade since he came over.

Guimares said he’s definitely not the next Barros in the making.

 “No, I don’t think I can be the next Leila Barros.She’s awesome, she’s so beautiful, she’s so pretty” Guimaraes told after Brazil won the FIVB World Women’s Grand Prix at the Huamark Indoor Stadium here over the weekend.

Guimaraes, simply called Gabi, was a member of the back-to-back champion team in 2013 and 2014.

She became giddy when told Filipinos are the most loving and supportive fans in the world.

“But I would be happy if the Filipino fans would like me like the way they like her (Barros),” she said.

Aside from the tournament and the warm welcome Filipino fans are expected to shower her and the rest of Rexona Ades, the fair-skinned spiker is looking forward to see for herself the world-famous pearly white sand beaches of Boracay.


“I’m so excited to play in the Philippines, it’s my first time and I know that fans in the Philippines they love volleyball and I can’t wait to play there,” she said.

“I want to try to stay one week more in the Philippines because I heard it’s a paradise. Everybody’s talking about the beautiful beaches, so I hope I can stay few more days after the tournament and enjoy the beach,” she added.

“Maybe (I’ll go to) Boracay because it’s very famous and beautiful so I hope I can go there,” she continued.


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