Airess Padda left frustrated by Lady Falcons ‘weak mindset’ as losses pile up
Adamson's American coach Airess Padda believes it's not too late for the Lady Falcons to turn things around. Dante Peralta

ADAMSON head coach Airess Padda is frustrated with the lack of belief the Lady Falcons are showing as the team's winless streak stretched to five matches under her watch.

While Padda understands that their lack of experience plays a huge factor in the losses, the American coach believes they are so much better than what their performance suggests.

"It doesn't feel good. You know it's tough because I don’t think we should be 0-5," Padda said.

The Lady Falcons have yet to grab a set from a rival, and against titleholder La Salle, the lack of confidence was even more apparent.

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"We train pretty hard but something happens when we get out there. They're young, most of them are inexperienced but as a team, we have a very weak mindset when it comes to competing and believing that we can win," she added. 

Padda did say she believes the Lady Falcons are improving, only not at the rate they need to catch up with the rest of the league.

"I think we're slowly getting better but the problem is that time is not on our side. We feel we're getting better but so is everybody else," Padda continued.

Still Padda believes that it's not too late to turn things around.

"I think what's happening is the coaches believe we can win but the girls get to a point in the game where they believe they can’t win anymore," Padda said. 

"It's doable. We have two more games. We can win. We got to fight. We got to tapos," she concluded.

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