Netter-turned-politician Marat Safin on Pacquiao political ambition: 'Don't hit anybody in Senate'
Like Manny Pacquiao, former world No. 1 Marat Safin has been elected to Russia’s federal parliament after he retired from the sport in 2009. Jerome Ascano

MANNY Pacquiao the politician has found a supporter in Marat Safin.

Boxing's only eight-division champion is running for a Senate seat in next year’s national elections and Safin believes he can make a difference.

“In my opinion he's doing the right thing,” the former world No. 1 said of the concurrent Saranggani representative. “He can deliver things in the right way.”

“The way people respect him around the world, you need people like him to work on the new generation,” added Safin, a member of the Japan Warriors team that lost to the Singapore Slammers in Day One of the Manila leg of the International Premier Tennis league (IPTL) on Sunday.

The Russian netter knows what he’s talking about, having been elected to his country’s federal parliament after he retired from the sport in 2009.

“I think he could be more effective than me,” the 35-year-old tennis legend said. “(He can focus on) the youth – the new generation, sports, tourism, and many other things. Many subjects for any country, and it's a lot of money. It's economics.”

While wishing him luck, Safin reminded Pacquiao one thing.

"Good luck to Manny, don't hit anybody in the Senate.”

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