JOAQUI Trillo has won 13 PBA championships including a grand slam in 24 seasons with Alaska, but the team's longtime manager and board representative longs for a last one before he calls it quits.If ever, it would be the ...
Apr 22, 2013
SEVERAL PBA team owners and members of the board want assurance that league games be shown on a VHF channel once TV coveror AKTV ends its block-time agreement with IBC 13.Rain or Shine co-team owner Raymund Yu, for one, ...
Apr 15, 2013
IT all began 23 years ago with `The Call.'"I was surprised myself. Wilfred (Uytengsu) just called me up from nowhere and asked me if I wanted to be (Alaska) team manager," said Joaqui Trillo as he turned nostalgic recalling how his ...
Mar 25, 2013
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