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CHRIS Ellis blamed not just one, but two botched dunk attempts he had in Ginebra's three-point loss to Phoenix in Davao last Saturday on the pair of retro shoes that he was wearing.The high-flying wingman also known as " ...
Apr 3, 2017
HALF-man, still amazing at 40.That's what Vince Carter showed a day before his 40th birthday.Carter turned 40 last January 26 but the day before that, the Memphis Grizzlies veteran showed shades of his athletic prime with a ...
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Jan 28, 2017
LEBRON James has signed partnership with Warner Bros.Now Blake Griffin is battling Marvin the Martian in a dunk contest.Is Space Jam 2 coming soon?[See LeBron James' company signs partnership with Warner Bros. for possible television and movie projects]"I ...
Aug 5, 2015