Pacquiao willing to settle for smaller prize cut to make mega-fight happen
“I don't know what's the reason why that fight has not happened. ... It's OK for me if he gets a higher percentage than me," Manny Pacquiao says in an interview over ESPN2. AP

NOW the tables have been turned on Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Manny Pacquiao said he is now amenable to Mayweather receiving the bigger piece of the prize purse, just so the long-anticipated mega-fight between the two boxing superstars can finally turn into reality by next year.

The 33-year-old Pacquiao said he’s willing to make the sacrifice if that’s what it would take for the bout the whole world wants to see to finally materialize.

“I’m waiting for that fight to happen,” said Pacquiao, appearing in ESPN2’s `First Take’ before leaving for Mexico for the final stop of his three-city tour with Juan Manuel Marquez to promote their December 8 fight.

“I don't know what's the reason why that fight has not happened. ... It's OK for me if he gets a higher percentage than me."

Pacquiao has not directly disclosed how the purse should be split, but he once proposed to Mayweather that he is agreeable to a 55-45 sharing at the height during the aborted negotiations between the two camps earlier this year.

Originally, Mayweather was amenable to a 50-50 split, but later changed his mind. Instead, he offered Pacquiao a guaranteed purse of $40 million without a share in the pay-per-view buys, an offer which the Filipino naturally rejected.

“I spoke to Floyd ... and he offered me an amount," Pacquiao said during the same ESPN interview. “He didn't talk about the pay-per-views here and that's it. I can't agree with that. I told him I agree with 55 and 45 (split).”

To top it all, the Philippine pride is now ready as well to take random drug-testing as earlier suggested by Mayweather.

“No problem. Whatever he wants to do,” said the Filipino.

The drug-testing dispute has been one of the contentious issues that bogged down the initial negotiations for what could possibly be the biggest and richest fight in boxing history bogged down.

Mayweather initially suggested both fighters undergo random drug testing two weeks leading up to the bout of which Pacquiao declined.

But now, the future Hall of Famer said he’s willing to do random drug-testing, and is even open to the idea of undergoing blood test on fight day itself.

He said, “no problem. Even the night of the fight. No problem."

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