Transmission problem blamed as TV viewers miss out on bitter ending
The final four minutes and 37 seconds of the Gilas-China game failed to air due to transmission problems from the source in Tokyo, according to local stations.

IF you were left wondering how Smart Gilas 2.0 could lose an eight-point in the final six minutes and end up losing by three to China's 'B' team on Friday afternoon, don't vent your anger on AKTV or Basketball TV.

Blame the satellite transmission provider in Tokyo.

Fans who were disappointed by the Philippine team's 71-68 loss to the mainlanders were left seething all the more after the live broadcast of the Fiba-Asia Cup match suddenly went off the air.

Smart Gilas 2.0 was leading China, 64-61, when the telecast was cut off. Viewers failed to watch the entire final four minutes and 37 seconds of the game and by the time the coverage got back on air, all the stations aired was a graphic showing the final score.

Furious fans took to Twitter to air their frustrations over the disruption.

Both stations later washed their hands on the issue, explaining through their Twitter accounts that it was the feed from Tokyo which encountered problems.

“We would like to stress that the problem was not from our end, but from the source itself, Fiba,” was the explanation of Basketball TV as posted on its Twitter account.

 “AKTV receives the feed of the FIBA-Asia Cup from the host broadcaster in Japan. Problems on their end were the reason for the signal loss,” said AKTV on its account @AKTVonIBC13.

“Just to let you know, @BTVHoops and @AKTVonIBC13 were issued the same feed of the #FIBAAsiaCup and it screwed up at the source. Bummer...,” wrote Noel Zarate, who was the commentator for BTV of the game.

Basketball TV later tweeted that it will replay the game in its entirety at 10 p.m. AKTV said it will begin the replay at 8 p.m.

But the way the match ended, only a few fans may bother to stick around for the bitter ending.

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