Nothing wrong with Racela-Toroman coaching arrangement, says Eala
SMC director for sports Noli Eala, left, says Rajko Toroman can create a disciplined culture in the Petron team and help Olsen Racela as he grows as a head coach in the pro league. Jerome Ascano

SAN Miguel Corp. director for sports Noli Eala sees no problem with the coaching arrangement between Petron head coach Olsen Racela and his Serbian consultant (not assistant coach, as earlier reported) Rajko Toroman.

Reacting to Rain or Shine coach Yeng Guiao's comment on Thursday that Toroman's active presence on the bench may stunt Racela's growth as a coach, Eala said as far as management is concerned, the two have official designations and any working relationship they enter into is up to them.

"Rajko is the team consultant, that's what we submitted to the PBA. We see no problem with that. Now whatever they do to work together, it's up to both of them (Racela and Toroman) to decide so they can work on implementing the system of the team," Eala told

After Rain or Shine's 103-98 win over Petron in preseason game at the Acropolis gym, Guiao said Racela should be given a free hand to run Petron as Toroman's overriding presence may cause the new coach to lose the respect of his own players.

He said it would be unfair for Racela if Toroman, whom Guiao felt was calling the shots at the sidelines, be relegated to the background.

Eala though explained that San Miguel Corp. hired Toroman precisely for the Serb to instill team discipline and come up with a solid structure and system that could maximize the immense talent of the Boosters.

"Coach Rajko has always been known for his discipline. And we felt that is something he can bring further to the team. We believe that as he injects discipline, a good system and leadership in the team, then somehow this could eventually bring team chemistry," explained Eala.

Toroman's coaching style, Eala said, can somehow create a disciplined culture in the team and help Racela as he grows as Petron's head coach.

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