Altas protest denied as NCAA Mancom backs Lipa's decision 
Perpetual’s Nigerian center Femi Babayemi was rightfully ejected during the Mapua match after hitting Michael Abad with an elbow "above the shoulder,' says NCAA Commissioner Joe Lipa. Jerome Ascano

The NCAA management committee has concurred on Thursday with commissioner Joe Lipa’s decision to deny the protest of University of Perpetual Help over its 71-74 loss to Mapua last Monday.

Altas management had protested the ejection of Perpetual’s Nigerian center Femi Babayemi just four minutes into the match after hitting Mapua forward Michael Abad with an elbow following a rebound play.

The school had asked that the game against the Cardinals be replayed under a new set of referees, and the disqualifying foul on Femi Babayemi be downgraded to an ordinary foul.

But Lipa recommended that all points be junked, saying Babayemi’s elbow — whether intentional or not — hit Abad above the shoulder, thus resulting in an automatic one-game suspension.

Perpetual management also failed to get a favorable response after elevating the complaint to the Mancom.

“Mancom decision is to uphold the recommendation of commissioner Joe Lipa and the judgment call of the referees on (Jett) Vidal and (Harold) Arboleda,” the group said in a statement signed by four of its members, led by chairman Fr. Vic Calvo O.P. of Letran.

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