Ramirez out to resolve 'unfinished business,' vows to do better in second run as PSC chair
Butch Ramirez vows to build on his impressive first run as PSC chair as he takes over Richie Garcia. Reuben Terrado

INCOMING Philippine Sports Commission chairman William ‘Butch’ Ramirez is looking to revive successful programs from his first tenure in the government sports agency to help improve the state of Filipino athletes and the country's lagging performance in international competitions.

In an interview over DZSR Sports Radio, Ramirez said he is welcoming the challenge of leading the PSC anew, after he finally accepted the post offered by incoming president Rodrigo Duterte.

Ramirez is particularly eyeing to resolve some unfinished business--specifically his shelved programs like the Philippine Sports Institute, an educational program for athletes and coaches, and the regional training centers he planned to create before to ensure comprehensive grassroots development. He's also bent on providing better international training for national athletes.  

"I’m accepting the challenge to serve the government and Philippine sports for President Duterte and for the country," said Ramirez, who headed the Davao City Sports Development Division before accepting the PSC post.

"I’m going back to the PSC to finish the unfinished job when I put up the Philippine Sports Institute and set up regional training centers as set by the president to the community for the provinces to identify talents and strengthen our grassroots program,” he added.

Ramirez believes he will do better in leading the PSC this time, after being an experienced public servant.

“I was a neophyte (in my first time) although we performed alright. I think this time, we will be able to perform better, manage better, set our vision for six years, and create a genuine sports program in the countryside, and strengthen and improve international sports,” said Ramirez.

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