Boxing chief Ricky Vargas disqualified from running as president of Philippine Olympic Committee
Association of Boxing Alliances of the Philippines president Ricky Vargas is ruled ineligible for the POC poll.  

BOXING chief Ricky Vargas has been disqualified from running as president of the Philippine Olympic Committee in next month's elections.

The disqualification of the Association of Boxing Alliances of the Philippines' president to run in the Nov. 25 election was bared during the POC's general assembly on Wednesday at the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club.

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Also disqualified was Philcycling presdent and Cavite Rep. Abraham Tolentino, who is also running in the Vargas ticket as chairman.

According to the election committee, Vargas and Tolentino did not meet election requirement under Article 7 Section 11 of the POC constitution, for the president and chairman to have been "an active member of the POC general assembly for two consecutive years at the time of their election."

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Abap secretary general Patrick Gregorio said they will put the decision under protest.

Vargas was not present in Wednesday's general assembly.

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POC election committee chairman Frank Elizalde said Vargas, based on documents, has only attended one general assembly meeting in the span of two years.

"As per records of attendance, I regret to advise that they did not comply with the attendance in general assembly," Elizalde said.

The Vargas camp has insisted that the term "active member" refers to the national sports association, with Abap, through executive director Ed Picson, regularly attending the general assembly.

But Elizalde said the election committee interprets the provision otherwise, saying the term "active member" refers to the individual, based on previous documents and practices by the POC.

"It is very clear that it is the individual that has to attend sufficient meetings. And I'm quoting from a document that was not made yesterday or the day before, and has been on record for quite a few years, meaning that if you aspire to be a president or chairman of the POC, you have to attend the general assemblies. It's as simple as that," said Elizalde.


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