PSC shelves plan to sell Rizal Memorial Complex but open to future deal at ‘correct price’
Negotiatons were earlier put on hold until after the SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur but now it appears talks will be shelved indefinitely, according to PSC chairman William Ramirez. Reuben Terrado

THE Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) is holding off on the sale the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.

PSC chairman William Ramirez said the PSC is “terminating the negotiations” following consultations with several groups from different sectors but said it is not closing the door on a possible sale in the future at the “correct price.”

Instead of selling the property that is also owned by the City of Manila, Ramirez said the PSC is opting to rehabilitate the entire complex in the first quarter of 2018.

"A lot of people are happy that we are terminating the negotiations," Ramirez told reporters following a press conference related to the PSC's formal signing of their agreement with USANA.

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In a letter to Manila mayor Joseph Estrada, Ramirez said the PSC is putting on hold the negotiations for the welfare of the national athletes.

"In relation to the PSC's commitment to provide quality sports experience and better sporting environment for the welfare of the National team, as well as in the pursuit to develop and further promote sports among Filipinos, the PSC has decided to put on hold the negotiations with the City of Manila regarding the sale of the RMSC," wrote Ramirez.

"I do not discount the possibility of future negotiations on RMSC. More so when proper valuation of the premises and the correct price is reached and agreed upon," he added.

The PSC had earlier entered into negotiations with the private sector to sell the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex in hopes of using the funds to build a new training center.

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