Some Filipino netizens left confused with nations' order in Rio Olympics opening parade
The Philippine delegation marched after Fiji and ahead of Finland. Jerome Ascano

SOME Filipino netizens failed to catch the Philippine delegation parade in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.

A number of fans expected nations to march into Maracana Stadium in alphabetical order and the Philippines to enter late in the program, .

But under the protocol of the Olympic Games, the order of countries that will march in the opening ceremony will follow the local language — in this case, Portuguese.

The Philippines came in at 70th out of the 209 nations as the Portuguese name of the country is ‘Filipinas.’

Filipinos took to Twitter about missing the Philippine athletes parade in the opening ceremony.




Also under the same protocol, Greece, being the country where the Olympics, comes in first with the host country coming in last.

Ian Lariba of table tennis carried the flag for the Philippines in the parade of nations, but later turned it over to Kirstie Elaine Alora to allow Lariba to rest for her match on Saturday night (Saturday morning Manila time)

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