Mike Krzyzewski to step down as Team USA head coach after 2016 Rio Olympics
Coach Mike Krzyzewski is eyeing a third straight Olympic gold medal with team USA. AP 

USA Basketball is adjusting to the new Fiba calendar one of the biggest changes is that Mike Krzyzewski will not be the head coach after the 2016 Olympics.

Krzyzewski, who has steered Team USA to two Olympic gold medals and two Fiba world championship titles, said he is stepping down after the Rio Games.

“I think it’s time to do that and move ahead,” said Krzyzewski in an interview posted on ESPN.

“Next season, there’ll be a number of announcements made about the future of USA Basketball, with Rio, coaching… because there has to be succession, planned succession with really good people so that we could keep the continuity of the program going,” the 68-year-old Krzyzewski added.

During that span Coach K also won two NCAA titles with Duke, his fourth championship in 2010 and fifth this year.

But he noted that USA Basketball is making changes to “navigate” the new Fiba schedule.

“That’s part of some of the discussions we’ve had as a group, is how do we move on… what does Jerry (Colangelo, USA Basketball chairman) continue to do, what do I do, who comes in.

“There’s a new structure in Fiba... It’s a different calendar after ’16… the other competitions come during collegiate and NBA seasons

“It’s a weird calendar, weird competition for ’17 and ’18, how we navigate all that, so that’s all being discussed.”

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