What the Toyota Vios Racing Festival means for Philippine Motorsports

Mar 12, 2019

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The Philippines and motorsports have a long and storied history—Filipinos have been racing competitively as early as 1905—but the notions surrounding the sport (the Pinoy everyman seems to think it's "expensive" and "exclusive") have kept it from reaching a wider audience in recent years.

But with the efforts of Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP), this has been changing through the years. In 2019, Toyota's push to further promote Philippine motorsports continues through its new and improved motorsports program, the Vios Racing Festival.

Launching in April, the Vios Racing Festival aims to continue putting Philippine motorsports in the spotlight, improving what its predecessor, the Vios Cup, has built in the past five years. The Vios Racing Festival will feature multiple events and activities centered around the sport and the all-new Toyota Vios. The goal, according to TMP President Satoru Suzuki, is for all participants to feel the Waku Doki experience (a Japanese term that describes the surge of emotion one feels in thrilling moments) all throughout the festival.

The festival kicks off with the new Vios Autocross Challenge, which will happen at the Mall of Asia Grounds (Block 16) on April 28. Participants can try their hand at racing on tight and challenging autocross courses, going up against celebrities, media, and experienced racers.

The highlight of the Vios Racing Festival is the Circuit Championship, which kicks off in June at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga. Here, racers will battle it out over several legs in fierce on-track battle, under the guidance and supervision of veteran racing instructors.

The cars these warriors use are serious business, featuring modified brakes, an adjustable suspension, a racing clutch, a limited slip differential, and a full roll cage, all while retaining the standard Vios chassis and engine. This makes for a capable, reliable, and relatively inexpensive point of entry for serious wheel-to-wheel racing.

Mini-challenges will also be held at the end of each circuit leg to spice up the action.

Through both safety and racing training for the participants, the Vios Racing Festival seeks to find and develop new motorsports talents and to foster a greater appreciation for motorsports in the country, especially among the younger generation.

With the success of Toyota’s program and the endless possibilities it presents, another golden age of motorsports is always possible.

Visit www.toyota.com.ph and follow Toyota Motor Philippines on Facebook to know more about the Vios Racing Festival 2019.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with TOYOTA.
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