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    Look fresh in the middle of the sizzling summer heat with these trendy hairstyles

    Apr 16, 2018

    HOW are you holding up under the summer heat, gents? Do you constantly look and feel haggard as hell, with every day seemingly a battle to not just turn into a puddle of sweat? Or are you one of the lucky few who never needs to step out of blessed AC range?

    Whichever side of the coin you fall, the high temp outside should never be an excuse not to look as fresh as possible. If you haven’t already gotten a new ‘do to keep you cool and dapper-looking in the middle of summer, here are three hairstyles you should consider getting on your next visit to the barbershop:

    1) The Loose Side-Pomp


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    The pompadour is considered a classic style for a reason—it’s been around for ages and has enjoyed great popularity many times over the centuries. While it’s not quite as ubiquitous now as it was just a couple of years ago, it’s still a very trendy ‘do that can be worn in a lot of different ways. One such variation is the loose and fluffy side-pomp that’s sure to give even your most casual duds that extra oomph it needs to make a stylish impact.

    How to get it:

    To achieve the volume required for a proper pompadour, you need your top section of your hair to be two inches or longer. So make sure to grow out your hair to at least that length all around before having your barber neaten your sides and back; have them trimmed shorter if you prefer a more defined pomp.

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    How to style it:

    First, blow-dry your slightly damp hair and use a round brush to comb the strands up and back while doing so. Then add product with your fingers, gently running it through your hair all the way to the root. Create a deep side-part, then use your comb to sweep your hair back diagonally, lifting and rolling as needed to achieve the desired height and shape. Neaten the other side and the back of your hair accordingly. Pat more product on afterwards to secure your pomp.


    2) The Layered Cut


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    Not really into fixing your hair up every day with the threat of the ‘do melting under the heat within minutes? Then we suggest getting a textured and layered haircut that’ll look rakishly put together even when you go out sans product. The best part? You’ll still have enough length to play around with when you do want to style your hair.

    How to get it:

    Grow out your hair a bit, then, with your barber, figure out the longest style that’s both suitable and manageable for you. Then ask them to give you a layered cut. So you’re better equipped to handle the summer heat, we suggest you get the under layer (that is, the bottom half of the sides and back of your hair) trimmed closer to your scalp. This will give you a neater look overall, as well as reduce the bulk that can feel stifling around your nape. As a final touch, ask your barber to give your hair texture; layers are actually considered texturing already, but you can give your hair extra edge by getting either a choppy or razor cut.

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    How to style it:

    If your hair is a bit kulot, the ruffled look will work well with this cut. So just finger comb your hair and tousle it a bit. Add product if you want to secure the particular way your hair settles. If you’re hair is more-or-less straight though, your hair will fare better if you brush out your hair and get out all the tangles while it’s still a bit damp. Let it fall naturally or comb in some product to give it more shape and a slicker finish.


    3) The Dye Job


    Tag a friend that would look good with this hairstyle! #hairstyleonpoint

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    For some reason, men seem to shy away from coloring their hair. Many don't even consider doing it unless it's in a desperate bid to hide the greys. Which is a shame since there are some bangin' cuts out there that look even more impressive when a dash of color is added. That being said, consider getting a summer dye job—whether you go for simple and subtle streaks or a full color wash is up to you.

    How to get it:

    A quality coloring can be a bit costly. If you just want to give the look a try, ask someone you know to help you dye your hair at home. (Or do it yourself if you’re confident in your own skills.) Use a dye that washes out after just a few showers. This will give you a chance to assess how you look with colored hair without paying out a lot for something you’re not comfortable with. Once you’re ready to commit though, head to a salon or a barbershop that offers coloring and get your hair done right.

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    How to style it:

    The thing about this style is that it can be applied to nearly any haircut. Even a buzz can work a dye job (ICYMI, technicolor ‘dos were getting big in 2017 and we’ve likely haven’t seen the last of them yet). Just remember that some products might affect the dye, so take care to use things that won’t prematurely strip your hair of the color.

    Pro-tip: Don’t just stick to dark or earth tones. Vibrant shades can work, too.


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