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    How much is your grooming budget? Real men pay the price to look good

    Nov 22, 2017
    How much should you spend for your grooming regimen?

    IF you aren’t the budgeting type, you probably don’t keep track of all the man cleaning things you pick up every now and then.

    But when you start to note things down, you’ll probably realize just how much stuff we need outside of soap and water when it comes to looking like civilized human beings.

    Still, are you covering all the bases? So we asked a bunch of dudes about their grooming budget and analyzed the contents for the magic number we should spend.

    *roughly per month totals, because some items, such as perfume, last more than thirty days–unless you spray that stuff on like there’s no tomorrow!


    Sample 1: Kevin R., P800+

    Perfume: P500+
    Facial Wash: P200+
    Deodorant: P100+

    Kevin’s budget has the two main grooming items that are basically all we need: hair product and perfume. In our 10-man survey, only two did not list wax and just one did not list perfume.

    One guy had a P200 lotion budget, which is nice but we wouldn’t consider it an essential for the everyman yet.

    In case you were wondering where deodorant goes, we’d say it’s essential enough for its own category.


    Sample 2: Kristian C., P1,048

    Soap: P200
    Shampoo: P300
    Deodorant: P90
    Cologne/Perfume: P59
    Shaving Cream: P199
    Razor: P200

    Not all of us are beard heavy, but the second main category for anyone past puberty would be shaving items: razors and creams.


    Sample 3: Mark A., P2,380

    Soap: P100
    Shampoo: P300+
    Facial Wash: P200
    Deodorant: P80
    Hair Wax: P700
    Cologne/Perfume: P700
    Razor: P300

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    Sample 4: Kieve V., P1,890+

    Hair Wax: P250
    Facial Wash: P300
    Deodorant: P250
    Soap: P90
    Perfume: P1,000+

    Unlike #1 and #2, Mark’s budget has the complete list of cleaning items: soap, shampoo, and facial wash (don’t use soap please). Half our respondents did not list down any of the three at all! But that doesn’t mean they don’t take baths–it just shows what products men are likely to think of when you say “grooming.”



    What cleaning items did everyone forget?

    Toothpaste and a toothbrush

    Any grooming cost we should all add?


    Final average for a complete budget?



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    * Minor edits have been made by the editors. 

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    How much should you spend for your grooming regimen?
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