Grooming for men: Do you meet the 5-step minimum regimen?

Dec 4, 2018
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Grooming for most men used to be so simple. Basically, all you needed was a 40-peso haircut—with complimentary massage—to comb your hair when you felt it was necessary, and to wash your face with soap and water before going to bed. Habits have changed and getting one’s beard shaped now costs more than thrice in an upscale barber shop, while seeing a guy in a skincare salon for a facial treatment has become fairly common.

Even athletic, all-around, active guys are now more confident and conscious about the way they look. Personal grooming rituals are no longer as daunting, and include the following necessary steps:

Basic skincare

Water plus soap may still be the most accessible and practical pair for eliminating dirt on the dermis, but adding a moisturizer with an SPF, and a microbead-free scrub in one’s skincare routine ensures that your face isn’t just squeaky-clean, but nourished and healthy looking, too.

Regular trips to the dentist

Dental appointments aren’t just normal—they’re necessary! There is absolutely nothing wrong about caring for your pearly whites, whether it concerns teeth-whitening work or clear-aligner treatment for the perfect smile.

At the very least, you should have a prophylaxis yearly because nobody can remove the dirt that has accumulated plaque in hard-to-reach areas like your dentist does. The electric toothbrush has also been proven to be more effective in reducing plaque and gum problems than its manual counterpart.

A well-maintained haircut

Instead of waiting until someone notices that a nest is growing on his mug, it has become normal for a guy to have regular appointments with his barber. Maintaining that mane has become easier, thanks to hair products like waxes, pomades, and sprays.

Shave with style

Guys have the option to spend a few bucks for a professional shave or do it themselves with a beard trimmer they trust their shearing skills. We wouldn’t recommend going DIY on specialized manscaping services for other areas of your anatomy, though—leave that to the professionals.

Make an effort to smell good

Body odor says a lot about a person’s overall hygiene and has a lot to do with giving a good—or bad—first impression. Believe it or not, people will remember how you smell. Having a signature scent for people to remember you by will do wonders for your image and reputation and more importantly, your self-esteem.

Blackwater Deo Mist has anti-bacterial properties that help protect you from odor-causing germs. It keeps you smelling good with a refreshing blend of masculine fragrances.

Watch this video and see how much fun grooming and smelling good can be:

Blackwater Deo Mists are available in leading supermarkets, drugstores, department stores, and EB counters nationwide.


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