Majoy Baron continues fight for equal opportunities for women in sports

Jul 23, 2020

BEYOND her volleyball matches, Majoy Baron has long been fighting a tougher battle for gender equality in sports.

For several years now, the F2 Logistics star has been a vocal advocate for women empowerment through sports and recreation.

After landing her name (as well as her very own feature article) in the FIVB website last month, the 24 year-old announced she was the newest face of Sportside, an international sports club that also recently launched a Gender Play Gap campaign to address that very same issue.

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“Every day, I try to be the best athlete I can be, but I also strive constantly to be the best role model I can be for women and girls across the world. To be in this position is a great privilege and it is important that I use my voice to speak up for those who are under-represented,” she said.

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While the women's volleyball scene is quite impressive in the country, Baron reveals it’s not the same case for other nations.

In a 2018 report of International Working Group on Women in Sports, 34% of educational institutions admitted that they had not taken any action to improve opportunities for girls in schools.

Thus, half of the research respondents said it wasn’t relevant at all.

“Across the globe, there are women who do not feel like they will achieve on the same level as men, and therefore they don’t try. I want to give them the confidence to say that they can and are just as deserving,” Baron continued.

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Utilizing her huge following and platform in her still young (but already storied) career, the De La Salle University graduate aims to shed light on equal opportunities in sports.

She added: “Women’s sport has come so far in recent years and we are getting closer to achieving equality but we must keep fighting, in all sports and disciplines.”

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