‘Immortal’ Enrile surfaces on social media, but not as a meme

Mar 29, 2020
PHOTO: (Center Image) @krisponceenrile | Twitter

IN HIS more than ninety years of existence, Juan Ponce Enrile has survived the Great Depression, World War II, and a (self-admitted) bogus assassination attempt that rang in martial law.

If memes are to be believed, he’d also witnessed the Big Bang, dinosaurs, the Last Supper, and the first known appearance of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.


Now, here he is, in the flesh, in a video posted on Twitter by granddaughter Kris Ponce Enrile.

“Blessing your feed with the legend himself,” wrote Kris.

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The elderly ex-senator blew kisses at the camera before shooing her away.

Just this past week, the 96-year-old career politician became an unlikely meme, when netizens used social quotes card templates from news sites (and then, later, Photoshopped pictures from history and pop culture) to place JPE in unlikely situations from history.

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He later took to social media to assure everyone of his still-living status, writing in a Facebook post: “Some people are asking if I am dead, or if I have COVID 19. Well, I am sorry to disappoint the rumormongers. I am still alive, and I do not have COVID 19. Thank God!! Enjoy your silliness, rumormongers. You might get what you are wishing for me. I will pray for your soul and health.”

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PHOTO: (Center Image) @krisponceenrile | Twitter
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