How Alex Eala's father turns losing at sports into a teachable moment

Nov 2, 2019

SHE MAY already be one of the highest ranked netters in Asia (and the world), but when teen tennis prodigy Alex Eala goes to compete, her father Mike makes sure he's at her side when she wins... and when she loses.

"As much as I can, I come with her. And most of the time, whenever I travel with her, it's not for the win, it is mostly for the loss," he shared with SPIN LIFE. "The win is easy eh. When she wins, everybody’s out there saying congratulations and that’s not a problem. The problem is when she loses, she’s still a kid and I think this is when kids need our support the most."

At age 14, Alex has already been moving a lot from a country to another for tennis tournaments around the globe, and Mike always tries his best to accompany her.

For the elder Eala, being actually present for Alex is the best way to ensure her safety as well as devleop her emotional stability as she grows older.

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"Hangga't maaari I stay by her side, it's not easy din because I also have my work and personal stuff, but its just as important. For now lang naman to, when they become adults, mas okay, in fact, Alex is matured for her age, she carries herself pretty well, but you cannot ignore the fact that the girl is just 14 years old," Mike explained.

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He also shared that whenever they have to deal with a loss, it is necessary to give Alex some breather to let her emotions out first before anything else.

"When they get lost in that defeat, they get fragile and it could snowball into something worse," he said. "For Alex, I just let her take her time, we give her the space, her coaches give her space. It's stressful for her, especially in the heat of battle. I let her cry to let her emotions out, and I encourage her to move on after."

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