You can stream these inspirational sports movies now on Netflix

Jan 4, 2019

We can’t deny that a lot of our love for sports comes from movies that touch us. From blockbusters like the Rocky franchise, to virtually hidden gems like First Match, what gets us going are the underdog characters we root for. And if you’re ripe for one, here are the best sports movies on Netflix that you can stream right now.

Coach Carter

When we’re talking about basketball movies, there’s arguably nothing better than Coach Carter. Student first, athlete second. If you don’t know your priorities, you’re out of the team, even if that means the squad ends up shorthanded and pretty much set up to lose. You know it's game day when Samuel L. Jackson walks in and starts inspiring you to be better.

The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock stars in this movie, but she’s not blindfolded. Although the title may sound like her more recent Bird Box, The Blind Side is worlds apart. It is an inspiring, true-to-life, award-winning movie about a homeless teenager who becomes a football powerhouse with more than a little help from a badass Southern woman.

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This Netflix Original is about an up-and-coming basketball star trying to make it to the big league. He’s got the talent and the skill, as his viral videos on social media clearly reveal, but to get past the processes and procedures of this sometimes-unfair world, he’ll have to play the game really well, on and off the court.

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Channing Tatum earned a ton of praise for his portrayal of Shawn MacArthur, a street hustler with a heart of gold. In New York’s underground where he finds himself, there are no rules. Fight and win; lose and get nothing. Well, know this: Shawn has no plans of losing any time soon.

Major League

Charlie Sheen leads a ragtag team of misfits in this classic comedy caper. Built to lose, the team is just expected to fall apart as the natural course of things. Except that everyone underestimates the crew’s will to succeed. Moreover, if the players’ comedic talent is as good as their skills in baseball, they might just rally in the ninth inning.

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Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler may be at his comedic best in this hilarious comedy about finding out that you have what it takes to be a golfer. Aside from the outrageous shots he makes (and misses), the best thing about this movie is Bob Barker punching away at Happy. Classic.

Raising The Bar

After losing her heart for gymnastics, Kelly Johnson moves with her mother to the Land Down Under. Here, her desire to help out a new friend pulls her back into the world of competitive gymnastics, and now there’s no other move but forward.

First Match

A tenacious high school girl raised in foster homes tries to reconnect with her ex-con father by joining a boys’ wrestling team. But when she does get her father back, she will test her grit and determination. Will she do something about her situation or just let things be?

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