Stuck in traffic? Keep stress - and hunger - away with these sandwiches

Nov 30, 2018

BEING stuck in traffic sucks. Whether you're inside your car or dying inside a UV Express, bumper-to-bumper situations will make you feel helpless. Sometimes you just want to scream at the driver, talk to your seatmate, or do everything in your power just to make time fly. But you know what's worse than being stuck in traffic? Being HUNGRY and stuck in traffic.

But really, you don't have to go hangry (angry + hungry). The best solution to your growling tummy in transit: sandwiches. This ready-to-eat favorite is your best choice for in-car snacking, whether you're the one driving or you're just a passenger.

Of course, that doesn't mean flavor has to suffer just because a sandwich is the most convenient choice. To help you out, FHM listed some of the best sandwiches you can grab before facing those monstrous traffic jams.

1) Pepi Cubano Sandwich's Pepi Cubano

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Imagine: Slow roasted pork loin marinated in a secret sauce, with ham, pickles, and mustard packed between bread brushed with butter. That's Pepi Cubano Sandwich's best-seller for you, the Pepi Cubano. Don't let its appearance fool you, because every bite is filling and delicious, with the melted cheese b;ending perfectly with the flavors.

Get it for P250 here.

2) Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop's The Cebuano

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The Cebuano is Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop's version of the popular Cubano sandwich. Make that EDSA journey more bearable as you indulge in slices of sinful Cebu Lechon, melt-in-your-mouth cheese, topped off with a creamy and tangy dressing. Dinner while driving? Why not!

Get it for P210 (small) or P380 (medium) here.

3) The Cheese Steak Shop's Classic Philly Cheesesteak

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Beef makes traffic (and life) bearable. The Cheese Steak Shop's Classic Philly is a superb sandwich filled with 100-percent beef loin steak, plus a generous serving of cheese, onions, and peppers.

Get it for P280 (7-inch), P399 (10-inch), or P720 (15-inch) here.

4) Subway's Chicken Teriyaki

The list wouldn't be complete without the longtime American sub sandwich brand. The perfect bad vibes buster? Their Chicken Teriyaki sub. Let those chunky, juicy pieces of chicken, marinated with their delicious teriyaki sauce wake up your senses. Of course, the ever-fresh veggies, along with your choice of bread and dressing are also there to give you that much-needed mouth party.

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Get it for P120 (6-inch) or P215 (12-inch) here.

5) Dunkin Donut's BLT Croissant

The answer to your petsa de peligro woes, Dunkin Donut's Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Croissant is heaven's gift to your starving soul. A classic BLT Croissant will surely perk up those boring rides with just one bite. Have extra cash? Throw in an iced-coffee so that you'll stay awake (and happy) all throughout your ride.

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Get it for P75 here.

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