Thirdy Ravena meets former PBB housemate Fumiya in Japan

Nov 16, 2020

IT WAS supposed to be a normal training day in San-En NeoPhoenix, Thirdy Ravena's new home. But then he found himself meeting a familiar face: former PBB Otso housemate and comedian Fumiya.

The latter decided to pay a visit to the NeoPhoenix practice grounds in hopes of chatting with their first Asian import. The Pinoy Big Brother alum asked how Ravena was coping in his brand-new stomping grounds in Japan. The two couldn't help but compare it to the Philippines.

"It's more quiet in here," the 23-year-old Ateneo graduate said.

The TV personality answered: "Yes sobrang maraming tao sa Philippines, and the traffic in EDSA is worst. Now, it's more quiet, no traffic."

Fumiya uploaded their entire chat to a vlog in his YouTube channel, with over 2 million subscribers.

Always personable, Thirdy also attempted to throw in a little small talk of his own, as he was curious about what it's like being inside Bahay ni Kuya.

"It's very crazy," Fumiya answered. "You join next time."

Ravena could only respond with a nervous laugh.

Fumiya also invited Ravena to join him for a few tours around the country if he had free time. To cap off the interview, the two decided to take on a shooting challenge. Ravena shot from deep in the field, while Fumiya took his attempts from the free throw line.

Even with his disadvantage, hoops veteran Thirdy won the challenge.

That wasn't the end, though. Naturally, they also shot a dance craze video before calling time on the vlog.


"Thank you for making me part of your vlog, keep supporting since you're also Filipino at heart," Ravena told Fumiya in farewell.

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