These myths keep you from getting the job done at work

Feb 4, 2019
Work it harder

Make it better

Do it faster

Makes us stronger

If you’re not familiar with those lyrics, they’re from Daft Punk’s 2001 hit track, “Harder, Better, Faster Stronger.” Although you can easily be distracted by the French duo’s robotic vocals, the lyrics actually stay in your head. And, well, as much as we love Daft Punk, you should really not apply what they’re saying in your life, especially at work.

Our employers always seem to want more and sooner, so every single one of us is looking for that next great life hack. And we often hear the same things about working long hours and putting more effort, and focusing on your work all day and all night, but these are just myths. We hate to break it to you, but harder and faster don’t always make it better and stronger.

Here are some more of these “hacks” that actually make it harder for you to get the job done more efficiently.

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MYTH 1: "I thrive on pressure"

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You can be proud all you want for making it through this hell week, but after the short weekend, it’s time to go through hell again. Deadlines are looming, and your boss’ eyebrows are scrunching up more by the second. Now, think: are your solutions for your problems the best, or are they just the quickest?

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If the pressure is what drives you, when the dust settles (for a minute), you’re likely to be stumped and get nothing much done at all. Instead of using deadlines as your measure of productivity, find some motivation in what you’re doing, and remember why you loved doing your job in the first place.

MYTH 2: Nose deep in work

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Giving everything full on for work might fill your days, but what are you actually achieving? And what chance is there for creativity or long-term thinking if every second is filled with pressuring yourself to get as much work done as possible?

Take the time to loosen up, and watch some YouTube videos, just to refresh your head. Maybe even daydream, and you might just dream up the next big thing or at least an easier solution to get your work done. If all else fails, walk away from your desk when you’re stuck. When your body is busy, your brain gets a chance to wander.

MYTH 3: “I can multitask”

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You pride yourself on your ability to do several things at once, and most of the time, it’s just to show off. Sure, it may occasionally be the only option to get things done faster, but science says you’re doing it wrong, and you might be damaging your brain even more. Multitasking You is NOT the Best You. It makes you less productive and less likely to retain information. Even the University of London’s research shows that it can actually lower your IQ to the same extent (or more) like if you had smoked marijuana or stayed awake all night.

MYTH 4: Mr. 24/7

It’s as simple as ABC. If you never give yourself a chance to switch off, it’s always a guarantee that you’ll burn out.

You’re not getting more things done by answering emails at two in the morning—although it looks like it. You’re just tiring yourself out before tomorrow even begins. You’re not going to enjoy Sunday with friends and family if you’re still taking calls from your nagging boss.

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So if setting your notifications to silent just doesn’t cut it, maybe it’s time to split your work and personal life into separate devices, and leave the work one in your bag until Monday morning. Although, don’t quote us if your boss eventually terminates you after not picking up any of her calls.

MYTH 5: Working out is hard work (and it takes too long)

The workplace traps we fall into hinders us from giving time for ourselves to work out.

Just because you get into the office two hours before everybody else, it doesn’t mean you get more things done or do better work. So, let your body take some more rest and go to work at the time everyone else goes to work. And while you’re in that time, do what you can, while also giving yourself a break. After that, we’re pretty sure that a walk to the gym won’t even tire you at all. Making a healthy habit out of getting active and honing a discipline that will enhance all aspects of life is the best routine decision you can make.

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