These are the most anticipated movies of February

Jan 28, 2019

February has always been the best month for some light-hearted movies. But if romcoms aren’t your thing, don't worry because this year's February selection is much more varied and has something for everyone.

Arctic (February 1)

This snow flick stars Mads Mikkelsen, as he struggles to survive in the Arctic after his plane crashed. He has to make a decision whether to remain in the relative safety of his makeshift camp or to embark on a deadly trek through the freezing unknown in the hopes of making it out alive.

Velvet Buzzsaw (February 1)

When people say that “there’s no money in art,” that’s because they don’t like paying for it. In this satirical thriller set in the contemporary art world of Los Angeles, Jake Gyllenhaal plays an art critic in a world where art collides with commerce. We’re warning you, though, this Netflix film is a crazy rollercoaster ride for your brain.

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The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (February 8)

Our beloved Chris Pratt returns for the second installment to this one-of-a-kind animated adventure comedy film. LEGO aliens have come to destroy the land of Bricksburg, and kidnapped Emmet’s Lucy along with them. Now, Emmett has to find a way to rescue Lucy and his world in the funniest way possible.

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The Prodigy (February 8)

If you’ve always loved kids, this movie might change your mind. Kids are already pretty scary on their own but add a demonic possession into that little host and you're in for the scare of your life. Seriously, don’t have kids. We have too many of them running around already.

What Men Want (February 8)

Mel Gibson starred in What Women Want almost 20 years ago. Now, Taraji P. Henson will take the helm and lead a gender-flipped remake in which she drinks a drug-laced concoction that helps her get inside the heads of men. Well, we’re pretty sure she’s going to regret that. God knows what goes on inside our heads could destroy the very fabric of humanity.

Lords of Chaos (February 8)

In this indie-horror film, a teenager attempts to create what he calls “true Norwegian black metal” with his band Mayhem. It goes back to that long-standing myth that rock music is the music of the devil. That’s all been debunked, of course. But this time, it may actually be true.

Cold Pursuit (February 8)

If it wasn’t pushed to February, this film might have been nominated for an Oscar. Starring Laura Dern and Liam Neeson, the film kicks off with the death of their son. Of course, because it's Liam Neeson, they take matters into their own hands and try to figure out what happened only to discover that they didn't know their son as well as they thought they did.

Isn’t It Romantic? (February 13)

In this genius comedy flick, Rebel Wilson wakes up to find that her life has been turned into a romantic comedy. Everything is a lot nicer, and guys actually pay attention to her. They didn’t just make fun of the genre, they were pretty accurate with it, too: nostalgic 80s soundtrack, a gay sidekick, and an impossibly hot love interest. Seriously, they have every element needed.

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Alita: Battle Angel (February 14)

If the Terminator was a girl, slightly animated, and was actually fighting for the good side, she’ll probably be Alita. Set in the far 26th century where cyberpunk is a thing, Alita awakens with no memory of who she is or in what world she's in. Discovered by Christoph Waltz’ Ido, she sets out to find her origins, all while fighting the dark, and the corrupt world she’s in.

Happy Death Day 2 U (February 14)

Obviously, this is a follow-up to Happy Death Day, but this time, it’s not just one girl who’s in trouble. All of her friends are now in danger, and the killer is thirstier than ever. But she has to relive her death over and over again. When the one out to get you is wearing a baby mask, it just makes it that much more irritating.

Fighting With My Family (February 14)

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This biopic focuses on the real-life wrestler, Paige, and her family’s dream for her to be part of the biggest wrestling company in the world, WWE. But since it was produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, we see a lot of the megastar in the film. We don’t know how much of that is true, but it’s all good as long as we see him layeth the smacketh down.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (February 22)

When the first movie came out, it was a massive hit. It was original and funny in its own right. So, after a five-year hiatus, this third entry will be a much-welcomed film this February. It traces the relationships of dragons and Vikings into adulthood and how the best relationships may be the ones you’ve had all along.

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