Our last minute film picks you can stream on Netflix for a V-day binge

Feb 14, 2019

The worst thing about Valentine’s Day is that it isn’t a holiday. You can’t shut off your connections to the outside world, and just be on your own in your room. It’s a culturally-imposed tradition of a specific concept that you don’t have any choice but to partake in.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or happily in a relationship, the rest of society will shove it in your face and you just have to take it. So, you might as well enjoy the face-shoving and stream some Valentines-appropriate movies on our favorite streaming service, Netflix. Whether your heart is aching for some warmth, or you’re celebrating a shatterproof romance, we’ve listed it all down for you right here.

The Ugly Truth

In this wildly funny battle of the sexes, the question “what are you waiting for?” is attempted to be answered. You know this is perfect for all the abangers out there trying to force the women they love toward other guys. When are you going to stop waiting and start making moves? Love won’t wait for you.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Probably the most genius a romantic movie is ever going to get, Charlie Kaufman’s exploration of nostalgia’s bittersweet sting may be tough viewing for those who have recently broken up. We call it the greatest love story ever told simply because it doesn’t hide the ugliness of a flawed relationship but instead bathes in the messy hurt of it all.

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Spike Jonze impressively gives his take on modern love within this technological revolution that’s currently taking place. Despite all the androids and the operating systems fueling this film, it bravely wears its heart on its living coral sleeve to endure a deeply warm and unconventional story on what brings people (and non-people) together, and what breaks them apart.

Punch-Drunk Love

This romantic comedy brought out the best in Adam Sandler thanks to Paul Thomas Anderson’s meticulous direction. If you’re longing for a feel-good movie where the otherwise “undesirable” protagonist triumphs with love and his weaknesses become his strengths, then this film is the way to go.

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Set It Up

This fairly new entry to the romcom genre may be the best in recent memory. Zoey Deutch’s and Glen Powell’s characters perform beyond what is expected of them as assistants until it was time to work on what’s going on between them. Putting everything back to the way they were while creating something new without being affected by the changes is what love is all about.

My Furry Valentine

It may be an animated film, but it sure isn’t for kids. This 46-minute movie from Big Mouth centers on how Valentine’s day is normal for adults who spent a huge chunk of their childhood feeling not normal. Complete with dirty jokes, pop culture references, and Hormone Monsters, you’ll surely laugh your ass off and still feel the romance it conveys. Or not.

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