Thankful Nick Demusis proud to have Rizza Diaz as mom to his child

May 9, 2021
PHOTO: Nick Demusis/Instagram

IT'S never a good feeling to be away from your loved ones in this time of pandemic.

The situation gets all the more tougher if you're miles away from your pregnant partner.

It was a situation Nick Demusis had to endure, being stuck in Hawaii for most of the lockdown, trying to earn for a living for his family.

Despite all of that, the Fil-Am forward couldn't be anymore thankful that his partner Rizza Diaz is the embodiment of a strong woman, doing everything here in the country as Nick worked his butt off from oceans away.


"Rizza was the greatest throughout this whole process," said Demusis, proud to share the tale of the amazing woman he fell in love with, beyond her public image as a host and sportscaster.

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting everything including Philippine sports to a halt, the couple had to be separated as Demusis had to find a work in Hawaii. He eventually became a helper at a grocery while Diaz was on her own.


    "I could have came back to be with her throughout her pregnancy, but since there was no basketball and she wasn’t working, we made a choice for me to stay in Hawaii. I ended up getting a job shopping and delivering groceries there to support her and those months were the toughest for both of us cause I missed her checkups with the doctor," he said.

    The hardest for Demusis, though, was not being on Rizza's side when Bella was born in November.

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    "That was the toughest for me," he sighed.

    Still, Nick knew he had to make this sacrifice to be able to provide for them. "Everything was worth it because I'm doing it for the sake of my family."

    It wasn't until February when Demusis finally returned to the country to reunite with his newborn daughter, while also preparing for the PBA Season 46 Rookie Draft. Still, he had to undergo that mandatory 14-day quarantine before that long-awaited reunion.

    So close yet to far away, as they say.

    And when he finally got out and be with Diaz again, the emotions just overflowed.

    "I was so happy, honestly. I didn’t even know what to say or think," he said. "I remember the first night, I couldn’t even sleep cause I was just staring at Bella. And if I did fall asleep, I woke up every 30 minutes to check on her to see if she was ok. And until this day, I still look over at both of them and just smile cause even though we had to go through all those sacrifice and hardships, I wouldn’t change a thing."


    Demusis, of course, knows that he has Diaz to thank for everything.

    "When I came home, I gave her a big hug and a kiss and told her I can’t believe I’m here and finally going to see the Booskie and I love her so much," he said.

    Nick continued: "I’m super blessed and lucky to be with a woman like Rizza. Everything she went through when I was back home in Hawaii made me love her more and more everyday. She was pregnant alone and in a lockdown. I know it was hard on her mentally but she was able to stay strong and that also made me stay strong. That's why I admire her because of everything she went through. If you can make it through all that, you are tough as nails."


    Demusis hopes that it would be the last time he would have to be away from his family, especially with him being picked in the second round, 18th overall, by Phoenix Super LPG.

    But whatever happens, he knows that he could always lean on a resilient partner like Diaz.

    "Rizza has so many qualities that I love about her and even more since she became a mom. I truly am proud of her selflessness and patience. She is just such a hard worker," he said.

    And as Diaz celebrates her first Mother's Day as a mother, Demusis is just hopeful that other mamas can draw inspiration from his beloved beau.

    "The lesson that I want other moms to get from Rizza is to stay strong no matter what. Things may seem like they won’t get better, but with a little bit of faith and positivity everyday, it will," he said.


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    PHOTO: Nick Demusis/Instagram
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