Movies to watch for this coming 2019

Dec 28, 2018

Next year is a big one for the film industry, with major headliners and much-awaited sequels coming out. Here are some of 2019’s most-anticipated movies.

GLASS (January 18)

The psychological superhero trilogy by M. Night Shyamalan culminates with Glass. David Dunn (The Unbreakable), Elijah Price (Mr. Glass), and Kevin Wendell Crumb (The Beast), finally meet in a looney bin for delusional superhero wannabes. Who gains the upper hand?

HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U (February 14)

After a successful first movie, Jason Blum is at it again with the sequel to Happy Death Day. This time, the psycho killer baby is out to get everyone! We wonder how much more of this bloody mayhem we can take.


The Marvel universe is in dire need of a savior right now, and who better to step in but the intergalactic superpower femme fatale Captain Marvel! Brie Larson looks undeniably perfect for the role, and we can’t wait to see her kick some Skrull ass.

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SHAZAM! (April 5th)

DC may finally have the perfect movie and hero to get it out of development limbo. We’re just going to have to wait and see if Zachary Levi can hold up his end of the bargain.

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HELLBOY (April 12th)

Remember Chief Jim Hopper and his soft, cuddly look? Well, imagine that he has become a beast from hell with cut-off horns and a really sick revolver the size of a shotgun. Oh, and a really big right hand for smashing things. Add some amazing jokes and a fiery desire to save the world, and you get David Harbour’s version of Hellboy. Funny = badass.


You better get your tissues ready because we’re all crying man tears when we find out what happens to the Avengers in their fourth movie. And, we still have no idea what their plan is to take down Thanos. Does Captain Marvel swoop in and save the day?

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Our beloved Jean Grey takes a dark turn. We’re not sure how faithful the movie will be to the comic origins of the Phoenix, but the trailer looks amazing!


So far, no trace of any trailer for this yet, and we have little to no information about the second installment of the Spider-Man franchise in the Marvel universe. We do know that Tom Holland is reprising his role as the web-slinger, and Jake Gyllenhaal will be taking on the role of villain illusionist Mysterio. Trailer soon, please! Fingers crossed.

THE LION KING (July 19th)

We all know the story, and we all cried after the stampede scene. This coming July, get ready to relive all the feels with the CGI version of this beloved Disney classic.


It’s a Quentin Tarantino film, so it’s only right we’re excited about this. So far, all we know is that it will star Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie and is set in the 1969 Helter Skelter era. And, yes, Charles Manson will be here.

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IT: CHAPTER 2 (September 6th)

The Losers’ Club will finally return to its God-forsaken town of Derry to try and defeat the evil that is IT. Twenty-seven years after their blood oath and separation, Ben, Bill, Bev, Richie, Eddie, Mike, and Stan will try and defeat Pennywise and his many forms. Let your childhood fears take over!

JOKER (October 5th)

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No trailers, just set photos, and videos, and a really hair-raising camera test is all we have for this version of the Joker so far. Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix promise to deliver the goods, and from what we’ve seen so far Phoenix looks perfect for the role.

ZOMBIELAND 2 (October 11th)

We’re finally going to have a sequel to the best zombie movie of all time. If you don’t agree with us, you can close your browser now. We’re really excited to see the original gang get back together for another shot at killing some mean ol’ zombies. Sadly, no trailers yet.

STAR WARS: EPISODE IX (December 20th)

We know very little about the latest installment of the classic sci-fi franchise, but we’ve heard that Star Wars: Episode IX will be bringing back some old faces like Billy Dee Williams and Carrie Fisher. Other than that, everything has been kept under wraps.

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