2019 NBA All-Star Game captains LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo have already drafted their starters and reserves, and are heading to Charlotte with a mix of squads. Here are the best moments of what went down, including a last-second first-of-its-kind trade during the draft night itself.

James Harden picked last?!

LeBron James had the advantage of getting the first pick, and, just like last year, he went with his good buddy, Kevin Durant. Then Giannis Antetokounmpo picked KD’s fellow Golden State Warrior, Stephen Curry. And then, to match up with the Greek Freak’s point guard, The King picked our favorite flat earth believer, Kyrie Irving. Then, as if Giannis wasn’t already tall enough for the forward and center position, he picked Joel Embiid. LeBron then chose “the man with the awkward laugh,” Kawhi Leonard. Of course, because Paul George dunked on him this past year, Giannis picked PG13 as his fourth. That was when LeBron decided to get James Harden, who, by the way, was last year’s Most Valuable Player.

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Obviously, this came as a shock to everyone watching all over the world, including Ernie Johnson, who felt like he had to remind the two captains that The Beard was still available.

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We don’t know what was seriously going through their heads, but it is what it is. James Harden = 7th pick. Wow.

You think we didn’t see that LeBron?

Did you see it? Well, we certainly did, and ESPN and other sports enthusiasts saw it as well. What the hell are we talking about? Take a look:

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Notice that five out of the first six picks by LeBron are either requesting a trade, has a contract ending soon or has the option to leave their current teams. That includes the current prospect for the Lakers, Pelicans’ big man, Anthony Davis.

To be honest, we’re not sure if we’re overreading this, or it’s actually true that LeBron picked these people so he can gauge what it’s like playing with them and eventually convince them to join him orchestrate the Lakeshow.

Heck, even Jared Dudley saw what was going on.

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LeBron fooling everyone with that fake

There was a new addition to the draft this season concerning two veterans of the game that are playing the last years of their NBA careers. Of course, we’re talking about Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki, two of the most outstanding superstars the past decade, and certainly two names that greatly impacted the culture of basketball.

They were put in the draft as the two last picks after the reserves. We all know that LeBron and D-Wade have gone through a lot together like winning championships back in Miami. So people completely expected him to pick Wade as his veteran player.

“Absolutely. Everyone in the world knows who I’m going with,” LeBron said. “And I’m going with Dirk—”

The King broke out in laughter, and, of course, picked his buddy, Dwyane Wade. You got us there for a millisecond, Bron.

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Who did LeBron trade to Giannis' team?!

They’ve selected their starters, reserves, and veterans, and everything was about to wrap up when Ernie Johnson noticed LeBron trying to convince Giannis into a trade.

LeBron then opened up about wanting to get his guy, Ben Simmons in the draft while also trying to sell Russell Westbrook to Giannis. Without much thought, the Greek Freak agreed to have the trade, and history was made. It was even more eventful once we checked Ben Simmons’ Twitter.

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Here are the full highlights of the draft:

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