Keep your spirits up with these holiday drinking games

Dec 23, 2018

The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to catch up with family and friends. And whenever there is a gathering, there’s almost always drinking. This year, instead of just guzzling down as much booze as you can, why not incorporate a little game into the drinking session to add a bit more fun and challenge.

Of course, it goes without saying that these games are for adults only.

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Materials: Any type of liquor you can take as a shot


  • Gather around in a circle and decide who goes first
  • Pick your favorite Christmas song and sing a few lines
  • The person on the left must then continue singing the correct lyrics
  • Whoever cannot keep the song going takes a shot
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Materials: Your favorite alcoholic beverage


  • Gather your barkada or family around the TV set
  • Set up the greatest Christmas movie of all time—DIE HARD
  • Take a shot or swig every time a character swears
  • The last man standing wins



  1. Your favorite alcoholic beverage
  2. Blindfold (optional)


  • Pick a “guesser”
  • Place a blindfold on the “guesser” or make him face a wall where he does not see the other players.
  • The other participants take turns shouting “Merry Christmas!” in whatever voice or tone they want
  • If the “guesser” correctly identifies the one who shouted, the “shouter” takes a shot/swig. If the “guesser” fails to identify correctly, he takes a shot/swig
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  1. Post-it notes
  2. Your favorite drink


  • Distribute an equal amount of Post-It notes to each guest
  • The object is to secretly stick a Post-It note to another person without him/her noticing it
  • If he/she does notice, it does not count
  • After a set time (say an hour), everyone looks at how many Post-It notes they have stuck on them and take a shot/swig for every one
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