Jon Bernthal put his body through hell for The Punisher's second season

Jan 11, 2019

The premiere of the second season of The Punisher is drawing closer and closer. And from the looks of the series’ action-packed trailer, Frank Castle has another damsel in distress to save from the hands of his ex-best friend, Billy Russo, and a new big bad nemesis.

But underneath the iconic skull-designed vest and the trademark emotionless facade is just an actor who can get hurt and is not actually bulletproof. Playing Frank Castle demands a certain look, and Jon Bernthal has committed to that look from the moment he began playing The Punisher. Of course, season two, which they shot in New York for six months, was no exception.

Unfortunately, there is no "Jon Bernthal punisher workout" video on the internet. Trust us, we’ve looked. But the character actor has shared most of his fitness routine during interviews which give us an idea of what he puts himself through.

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Strength Training

Bernthal says that he usually gets up at four in the morning to do a classic bodybuilding regimen. Whether it’s squats or the bench press, he does five sets of three reps at the maximum weight. There’s a lot of super setting and bodyweight building practices for that one.

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Metabolic Conditioning

With MetCon, which takes about 20 or so minutes, he tries to do as many rounds as he can to get his movement and agility on point. It usually takes five or six full-body moves like pull-ups, cleans, and deadlifts.

Badass Punishing

In the afternoon, Bernthal says he does boxing, practices jiu-jitsu, and some advanced strike work. After that, he goes straight into learning his fight choreography for the upcoming scenes. Another big aspect of his routine is the weapons training, which the stunt team helps him out with.

Vengeful Eating

Jon Bernthal is pretty serious when it comes to getting Frank Castle just right, and that includes his diet. He eats food that will fuel him for what he needs to do throughout the day, and it’s actually pretty simple. For the most part, he eats lean meat and vegetables.

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Punisher Hurting

Because of his dedication to the role, Bernthal obtained a ton of scars to show for it.

On the first day of filming season two, he broke his hand in the very first fight scene. But just like his character would, he kept fighting on. On day two, he tore a few ligaments. Day three, he finally dislocated his hand and had to get emergency surgery. He even got knocked unconscious, at one point, during filming.

“Was it the smartest thing to keep fighting with a broken hand? Maybe not,” Bernthal said in an interview. “Maybe I could have been out for a shorter time. But I look at filming a scene like that the same way I look at a boxing match. I’m not gonna be the one to say I’m gonna walk away.”

Anybody starting to think that Jon Bernthal is actually The Punisher?

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